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Need to send out a newsletter in German? Your new brochure is ready for print – but is it free of errors? Want to publish your article or book in another language?

books in windowWhether you wish to break into a new market, connect with someone in a different language or optimise the quality of your written material, you will find the right service at ablewords.

Based near Chelmsford in Essex, ablewords is a one-stop shop to get your English or German text translated, proofread or edited.

I am a native German speaker with bilingual proficiency in English and a profound understanding of both cultures. This enables me to provide translations that are genuine renditions of the content that sound like original texts in the target language. As an experienced writer and editor in both languages and a certified proofreader using the British Standards Institution symbols, I can help you optimise your text, whether you are a marketing professional, author or publisher.

Services tailored to your needs

All services at ablewords can be tailored to your individual requirements.

  • If you want to reach a new audience in German or English, an accurate and meaningful Translation of your material is essential.
  • If you need a keen eye to check your text for spelling or grammatical errors and inconsistencies, Proofreading is the right option for you.
  • If you are not quite happy with your text and need a hand getting your message across, one of the Editing solutions could be for you.

Your words in good hands

bridgeI care about the written word and the power of language. A good translation is a bridge between two cultures which takes a human translator to build. By utilising modern technology simply to assist me with glossaries and consistency, I efficiently provide handmade language services in English and German to help you communicate with other human beings.


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How foolproof is your spellchecker?

Using a spellchecker is a convenient way to quickly check and correct errors in a text. Running it over your email before you send it or over your blog post before you publish it is highly recommendable. But does it find all the mistakes?

A spellchecker is ‘a computer program which checks the spelling of words in files of text, typically by comparison with a stored list of words’1. And therein lies the weak spot: it checks against a list of words. So what about words that are on that list and spelled correctly – but not where you want them? Have a look at the following ten examples that would pass a spellchecker with flying colours. Can you spot the error in each of them?

Have a go – beat the spellchecker!

1. Could you send me the text in an edible format?
2. During a conversion between three or more people, one person often unwittingly takes on the role of the moderator.
3. After giving birth, all he wanted was to hold her baby in her arms.
4. We are happy to except your offer and look forward to working with you.
5. It was all – in all – a successful launch.
6. ‘Let’s eat nan,’ she said, and sat down at the table.
7. The company is implementing the changes across all sectors and it’s ever expanding network of suppliers.
8. A fixed space can be used to keep two words together that is separated by a space.
9. Do something great – everyday!
10. By spotting only one the ten errors, you have already beaten the spellchecker.

You can find the answers at the bottom of this post.

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1 http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/english/spellchecker

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